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How do you get the red jewel in nabooti island on poptropica?

Posted by poptropicafan2000 on January 18, 2009

lubbujahn asked:

I’ve done it before but now I don’t remember how to get it. If there’s a link like on youtube or something like that which you could say or automatically tell me how you get easy ten points.


One Response to “How do you get the red jewel in nabooti island on poptropica?”

  1. Nikhil Saggi said

    I know how to defeat nabooti island. first you go to the museum & tell the woman on the bottom floor that you’re an adventurer & you are willing to find the lost nabooti jewels. Find the plane on the left of the island and have a good flight!

    First go to mountains of the moon & then jump over the gazzele and then go to the left until you can’t go any further. Then let the gazzele hit you and you will end up somewhere higher. Then jump on a tree & then to a higher floor. after that, talk to a lady and jump on the rock on the left of her. From there, jump on the red thing on the cactus. now here’s where it gets hard. Run all the way to the right and jump on the hill & over the 3rd gazzele and jump on all the platorms without falling down (watch out for boulders!). Then climb the ice and when you are at the top, play a game of mancala and beat the man up there. Then go in the cave and fall on purpose and you will find the phone. Then jump through the cave and once you reach the right, grab the jewel and go back to the plane.

    Now go to Blue Nile Falls. Go to the right and from there, climb the fall. Once you reach the top, you will see someone with a goat, feeder, & a chicken. Ask the lady over there “how may I help?”. Then you have to:
    1.take the chicken to the left of the waterfall
    2.take the feeder to the left of the waterfall
    3.take the chicken to the RIGHT of the waterfall
    4.take the fox to the left of the waterfall
    5.take the chicken to the left of the waterfall
    When you’re done,go to the cave (the lady will tell you where it is) and get the jewel. Don’t forget to go to the left of the waterfall & get the lily there.

    Now go to Kaya Forest. Jump on top of the 2nd hut. Then jump on the palm tree on the right of you. Get that golden thing on the tree. Remember that fig? Go in your inventory and find it. Then click the button “Use”. Now you’ll see a gigantic turtle eat the fig! Then go back on the plane.

    Now go back to Nabooti & find those traders. Go to the one in the middle and trade your lily for a desert turban. Now go to the guy on the right and trade your golden thing for a camera. Now it’s time to fly again.

    Now fly to safari and go to Zeke (keep walking to the right until you bump into someone). Tell him “perhaps I can help” and take at least 7 good photos of animals. As a reward, he’ll give you a miner’s hard hat.

    Now fly to Giza. Before you do ANYTHING, take out your turban and wear it. Then one of the tomb raiders will think you are also a tomb raider and give you a shovel. Now go in the plane once more.

    now go to Kaya Forests for the last time. Take out your shovel and you will get an ebony elephant. Suddenly, 2 spirits will appear. Talk to the boy one & ask him if you can help. Then go in your plane and fly to Nabooti.Now go to the trader on the left. Trade with her and go to kaya forest. Talk to that spirit and say “I found the fingo!” He’ll give you a jewel.

    Fly to Giza. Then go in your inventory and use your cell phone. Type the #5556789 and the guy’s cell phone will ring. The 2 tomb raiders will run away And when everyone’s gone, quickly click on his bag. You’ll then steal a ball the guy found. Go on the head of the sphinx and find the golden ball and click on “use”. The door will magicly open.

    Go in the door & look at the wall. You will see 4 symbols. Write them down in the exact same order. Now you will see another pic. Click on the pic and they’ll be 4 lines. What you have to do is:
    1.click on the 2nd line.
    2.click on the 4th line.
    3.click on the 1st line.
    Go back and jump & walk across the platform. Then go into the next room. climb up the stairs & then walk until you see 4 cubes. Then push the cubes together so you form the same pattern under it. Once you’re done, the wall will slowly open. Go through the wall and now comes the tricky part. Be VERY, VERY careful here. Remember those symbols you wrote down? If you fall, all you have to do is climb up the rope. The blocks you see have symbols on them. All you have to do is jump on the block that has the same symbol as the one on your paper. When you’re at the top, climb up the rope. Now here is where you have to run fast. If you look, you will see a lever with a statue above it. On it’s tummy are some circles. What you have to do is start by pulling the lever under the statue which has one dot on it. Then do the same one for 2 dots, 3, & 4 dots. when you’re done get the gem and go on the plane.

    Finally, fly to diamond mines. Remember that miner’s hard hat. Good. Wear that. Now here’s another hard part. Run over the coal and run past the fence too. Then you’ll see a huge box. Click on the thing with an arrow on it and then the electric power will go off for a limited time. Now run across the fence and stop at the tip-top of the pile of coal. Then from there jump on the thing which is right above you then keep running until you fall in a hole. Then run next to a barrel and jump on it. Then move your mouse on the fence & click on it.
    Then run to the left. Then you will be seeing a lot of platforms; climb up them (watch out for explosives!). When you FINALLY reach the top, you will see an elevator where the explosives are coming from.Go inside that elevator.+ Do you see the green button? Click on it. Then look on your left. See that barrel? Push it right until you can’t push it any further. Then press it again. Suddenly, the rock will explode. Do this step again from the + sign. Then go into the next room. Once your in the next room, push the red cart until you automaticly ride it. When the cart goes close to the ceiling, duck. When you see a JUMP! sign, jump. Once your done, go to the pile of diamonds and click on them. Then take the one which is not dug in the ground (the one with a symbol on it). Then go in the plane.

    Finally, fly to Nabooti. Go in the museum & put the jewels in this order: Purple, Green, Red, White, Blue, Orange & Yellow.

    PS: Go on your poptropica phone & type this: 911.
    PSS: Now go on your poptropica phone & type this: 1337. Ha ha!

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